Tyres & Tracking
Tyre longevity and wear is greatly effected by incorrect tracking but more so the steering and stability of your car, get your car in for correct adjustment,

Tracking check and adjustment from £15+VAT
Please call us for Tyre prices as they vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle due to the vast Tyre sizes available!

Longevity of your tyres is dependant not only on mileage (state the obvious) but also the tracking or your vehicle. Wheel alignment is very important as out of align wheels can cause uneven wear on your tyres and like worn or warped brakes can cause your car to "drift" and "track" incorrectly on the road. This can also be dangerous and although can appear gradually is often caused by hitting those nasty pot-holes at speed, fret not, Ren7oaks are here to help and can have your car on the straight and narrow in no time at all!


REN7OAKS STAFF ARE CLASSIFIED UNDER COVID-19 "KEYWORKERS". We are responding to calls, answer machine messages and email communications daily! Any required mechanical support will be carried out within government guidelines while operating limited hours to minimise risk. These are challenging times for all involved, we hope our customers, friends and families are safe & well. Thank you for your continued loyalty.