Engine Servicing
Your engine needs regular maintenance and should not be ignored, regular oil and filter changes make a huge difference to your engines reliability.

Interim service from £130+VAT
Major service from £170+VAT
Cooling system serviced from £35+VAT

Your engine is the heart of your beloved vehicle, neglect to service this on a regular basis (mileage dependant) and you could soon see the money you think your saving turn into a logistical nightmare. Fail to have regular oil and filter changes and it wil damage the cylinders, pistons and all other moving parts in your engine by not lubricating parts efficiently. Wear will cause a gradual decrease in power and can lead to engine failiure in extreme cases. Cambelts/chains are even more important as these are a key part to your engine and play a significant part in maintaining a smooth running engine that allows all parts to run in perfect harmony....but, if one should break, 9 times out of 10 your engine is going to cost you an absolute fortune to put right, if not a complete engine change.

Using the correct additives, quality servicing parts, filters and oil is a sure fire way to keep your pride and joy motoring for thousands of miles. We use tried and tested products on our own vehicles let alone our customers, your engine is what brings you back to us time and time again so we make sure when you drive away in your car after an engine service not alone are you good for a few thousand miles, your emissions aren't harming the environment too much either!

Another key part of your engine is your cooling system, forgetting to change your coolant and anti-freeze will have you either cooking your engine and blowing a head gasket, or freezing solid on those colder days, for a relatively low cost it's well worth the effort!


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